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President's Corner


To our Friends, and Friends of Rochester Recreation Club for the Deaf.  –

Hi everyone, my name is Sara Smania and I’m so happy to be here today. 


I’m so proud to be a member of Rochester Recreation Club for the Deaf. So proud to be connected to such a positive force for good in the Rochester’s Deaf and Hard of Hearing community. So humbled to be the current president of the Rochester Recreation Club of the Deaf. 


I have always wanted to help others. Connecting with the Deaf and Hard of Hearing folks in our community. Think about it for a moment: we have at least 40,000 Deaf and Hard of Hearing people that lives here in Rochester. 


Our clubhouse is a safe haven for many of us and I hope that our clubhouse will remain open for many years to come so our future generations will have a place to meet and make memories.


We have some events coming up this year and we hope to see you at our events. 


We look forward to meeting, seeing, and serving you.  


PS: our clubhouse is open only for those who are vaccinated, please bring your vaccinated card in order to enter the clubhouse. 


Contact me at for more information. 


Welcome 2022-2023!! Hope we will have a great year!

More information, please contact RRCD.


Members Meeting

Welcome to 2023!! 

It is on Feb 4th at 1pm.  

Hope to see you all there!


DEAR News!

DEAR will be hosting every wednesdays  9am to 3pm at RRCD. Anyone is welcome!!

First time visit at DEAR will be free admission.  Member will be $2 and Non Member will be $5.  Come and enjoy!! More info: Click on DEAR tab.


New and Renewal Membership News!

Membership dues will be on Sept 1st.  Come and pay your dues to be part of RRCD!  More information, please click ABOUT RRCD then membership tab on this page.  

Board's Corner

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