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Executive Boards and Board of Directors

Rochester Recreation Club of the Deaf, RRCD is governed by Executive Board consisting of 7 members, they are elected every other two years. RRCD's Executive Boards are to make high-level decisions, set strategic direction, and provide guidance on important issues that affect RRCD. They are responsible for overseeing the implementation of RRCD's policies and ensuring that RRCD is operating efficiently and effectively.


RRCD's Board of Directors positions are appointed by the President with the Executive Board's approval for two-year terms. RRCD's Board of Directors is to oversee the implementation of RRCD's policies, NY State laws, Monroe County laws, and licenses, regarding their area of responsibilities, other tasks that may be assigned to them, and ensure that RRCD is operating efficiently and effectively. They report to the Executive Boards. 

Executive Boards

  • Sara Smania – President                  

  • Marie Tice – Vice President

  • Eileen Todesco - Secretary

  • Omar Garcia - Treasurer

  • Don Metlay - Trustee (appointed position)

  • Noella Kolash - Law Chair (appointed position)

  • Frank Todesco - Social Director (appointed position)

Board of Directors  

  • Cory Kalmus - Member at Large

  • Tom Brown - Member at Large 

  • Tracey Roberts - Member at Large

  • Doug Macmaster - Member at Large

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